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Most of the fortune 500 companies around the world have SAP ECC as their ERP system. SAP has stated that businesses will need to migrate to SAP S/4HANA by 2025. This is considered to be one of the critical migrations among the other digital enterprise transformation initiatives taken up by businesses.

Though there are several approaches for S/4HANA migration, the common important question is, what kind of “Data Certification” processes are implemented during this effort. Data Certification during the OLTP systems migration is the most important thing to be considered for the successful completion of the project. SAP is one of the core competencies of RightData and RightData is offering a complete tool set for certifying the data.
SAP Rapid Data Migration Methodology
RightData provides automation solution for data testing, validation and reconciliation steps outlined in the SAP’s Rapid Data migration methodology for S/4 HANA. Using RightData, customer can automate the technical and functional data migration testing. The tool has ability to take snapshot of the data to be reconciled before S/4 upgrade (or migration) and compare with the respective data in S/4 HANA after the upgrade or migration. RightData can also be used to automate the production parallel testing for side-car implementation scenario.
It is evident that data testing takes up a significant portion of cost and time for any types of HANA Transformation Approaches. Whether it’s greenfield implementation or in-place upgrade; technical and functional data testing plays a vital role in pre and post-migration process.
An automated data testing mechanism ensures to bring down the cost of testing, improves the consistency of migration testing results, help reduce the downtime and keeps the project timelines in control.
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Data Testing Automation Need For S/4 HANA Implemention
One of the key factors for a successful SAP S/4 HANA migration within the planned time and budget is, data testing automation. Its vital to ensure 100% of the data in the legacy SAP ECC/Non-SAP ERP system successfully reconciles with migrated data in SAP S/4HANA.
Data Testing in Other SAP Systems
RightData can connect to any of the SAP’s NetWeaver platform based systems and can help the IT teams and support teams in validating and reconciling the data all along its journey from source systems into DW and then to dashboards.
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