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Compare Datasets
Compare Database
A key component of Data Testing is an ability to compare two data sets from homogeneous or heterogeneous systems of like or discrete data models. RightData offers two different kinds data reconciliation/comparison scenarios. They are Technical Data Reconciliation (TDR) and Functional Data Reconciliation (FDR).
Key Data Statistics Studio (Kds)
One ot the key components of system upgrade (Database Systems, SAP,ECC,SAP HANA, SAP BW or SAP ECC) is to test whether the data from before upgrade matches with after upgrade, also known as Technical Data Testing. RightData's new feature "Technical Data Reconciliation Studio", provides bulk comparison capability where users can compare more than one pair of datasets. The significant portion of data integration jobs typically is with no or minimal transformation. The TDR scenarios help exponentially speed-up the testing process for data integration, upgrade, data staging loads.
Record Count Compare
Record Count compare option of TDR types Scenario allows tne user to quicKiy identify the row count differences between one or more tables/queries between source and target. This scenario execution provides the list of all tables/query pairs with record count mismatch.
Row Level Compare
Row-levei data Row-level data compare option of TDK Scenario allows comparing data between one or more tables/queries between source and target and identifies table/query pairs with data mismatch. This also identifies the set of records are not matching between source and target.
Adhoc Reconciliation Scenario Designer
Adhoc Scenario designer provides an easy and quick way to create comparison scenario, identify and analyze the data variances. Adhoc Scenario caters users like "I know my source and target SQL".
Comprehensive Reconciliation Scenario Designer
Using Comprehensive Scenario, the user can not only identify the records that are not matching from source to target but also the exact set of fields contributing to the mismatch. In the case of metrics, this option provides the variance amount along with the percentage of variance for each metric. Comprehensive Data Reconciliation Scenario requires user to create source and target queries (using Query Studio) beforehand and to identify which set of fields are to be treated as dimensions and metrics with an ability to set variance thresholds for each metric.