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RDt Case Studies
Granite case-study

Granite case-study

June 22, 2022
Granite Construction
Engineering & Construction
Publicly traded ($GVA), S&P 600 index member, ~3.5bn revenue

Granite Construction, one of the largest general contractors, construction management firms, and materials producers in the Americas, has a complex data warehouse and real-time financial dashboards that pull data from disparate sources with multiple views, calculations and models.

Being a publicly traded company, Granite must adhere to strict regulatory standards when it comes to financial reporting and SOX compliance. Ensuring data integrity and quality is of utmost importance and is challenging with the volume and variety of data flowing across the organization.

Granite needed a data integrity audit solution that is easy to adapt, maintain and support all their complex data platforms; ultimately giving the business trust on their financial dashboards that are reported to the SEC and maintaining SOX compliance.


Out of compliance has significant financial and compliance risk which can lead to major business impact.


Granite Construction leveraged the RightData platform to develop automated data quality control processes to verify the integrity between Granite's transactional systems and financial reporting systems. Rightdata platform has been helping them to proactively identify data quality issues and help the timely remediation by preventing the out of compliance.