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RDt Case Studies
RPMI Case Study

RPMI Case Study

June 22, 2022
RPMI Railpen
Financial services
RPMI Railpen, one of the UK's largest and longest established pension funds, trusted RightData to automate their financial data reconciliation and validation processes, giving back hours of productivity to their analysts.

The Challenge

Like many large organizations, RPMI's Analysts were tasked with manually reconciling and validating financial data combined with a custom developed solution in preparation for downstream processes. Their data quality control processes were performed by Business Analysts who would run queries on data sources and marks, then feed that data to a Tableau dashboard, then use the custom developed tool to verify the data matched.

This manual, labor intensive process was directly impacting the team's productivity. An estimated 50% of the Business Analysts team's time, approximately 8 man hours per day, was going towards executing this manual process to validate the data.

Along with costing RPM valvable time and productivity, their manual approach exposed them to several areas of risk:


By using RightData, the Business Analyst team's productivity improved significantly. This has given the valuable time back to the team to focus on improving the business vs. executing data control processes. The compliance, credibility, and financial risk was also eliminated.

The proactive identification and alerting process along with a detailed validation exceptions report helped them in reducing the time to find the resolution of data quality issues.