What is RightData?

RightData is a company and also a product, which helps any organization in achieving quality data, by helping them implement more efficient Data Quality Assurance processes and Data Quality Control processes in their data fabric. Provides end-to-end data quality assurance, control and audit capabilities.

What is Data Certification and how RightData helps in achieving it?

Data Certification is nothing but making sure we have quality data that is available for reporting. This is accomplished by implementing RightData’s scenarios to compare datasets before and after the transformation takes place through out the ETL process from source till destination at every hop thru out the Data’s journey.

What kind of skillset is required to use RightData?

No technical skills are required to use RightData. Having domain knowledge helps in making the best use of the tool. For technically savvy people though, there are all kinds of provisions to customize or replicate the actual business rules also within the tool. It is not mandatory to do so. But, the tool offers the flexibility.

What are the key components of RightData?
  • Query Studio
  • Scenario Studio
  • Incident Management Digital Board
  • Batch Console
  • Reporting
  • Admin Console
  • Cockpit


What is the Architecture of RightData?

RightData is a web-based application with three-tier architecture.

Presentation Layer:

User needs one of the following web browsers (Preferred List)Chrome

Internet Explorer

Database Server Layer

There are two types of databases, one is metadata database second is the database for exceptions and interim processing data.

Application Server Layer:

RightData software is installed on windows server where IIS is installed, to support the web application.


What are the recommended software and hardware requirements for RightData instance?

Medium Server:

    App. Server CPU: Quad Core Intel Xeon

    App. Server RAM: Minimum 64 GB

    Database Size (DataStore Database – Refer to reference architecture diagram): Up to 100 GB


Windows Server 2012 R2 or Higher


SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2012 or Higher (Either a separate on-premise SQL Server DB or installed on the RightData windows server) with bulk load option enable

Network Access:

VPN Access to RightData Product Engineer for installing the software.


What data sources that RightData can connect to?

    RightData can connect to

    any ODBC/JDBC based RDBMs,

    any technologies based on Cloud Platform,

    any type of files,

    any DevOps integration tools that can support CICD methodology.

    any incident management, job scheduling tools

    Please click here to understand the various data sources that RightData can connect to.


Can users get Email notifications wrt Scenarios execution status?

Yes. While building the validation/reconciliation scenarios, at the tail end of the flow, there is an option to include email notifications. Depending on whose email ID or email List ID is included here, they all will get notified via email on the status of the scenario with detailed information about exceptions.

What is IMDB ?

It is RightData’s native “Incident Management Digital Board”. IMDB collaborates well with Scenarios. It is built based on KANBAN approach Once IMDB option becomes part of the Scenarios. Incident management, fixing of bugs, executing scenarios repeatedly based on the status of the incident …etc… can happen with lot of ease. This whole mechanism helps CICD process tremendously in Agile Scrum deployment process as part of DevOps integration.


Can RightData integrate with incident management tools?

Yes. RightData comes with native incident management tool and also has capability to connect to any of the clients’ incident management tools like Service-Now, Jira etc..

I have my own job scheduling tool. Can RightData integrate with it to maintain job dependencies properly?

Yes. For example, As part of production data monitoring, Validation and reconciliation scenarios can be scheduled and monitored via native job scheduling tool. And also, RightData can connect to customer’s existing Job scheduling tools like Autosys, Tivoli etc… so that, proper job dependency can be maintained end-to-end. This integration can happen the other way too. Using RD’s Rest API, customer’s existing job scheduling tools can have dependency on RightData’s scenarios.

Synchronous Production Data Monitoring: Validation scenarios can be made part of the existing daily ETL batch schedule and data is validated, reconciled at every hop and only proceeds further upon successful execution of the scenarios.

Asynchronous Production Data Monitoring: In this case, production batch schedule is not disturbed and RightData’s validation scenarios are not part of the daily batch schedule. Once the batch run is completed, RD scenarios will be executed to compare/validate datasets.

Using RightData

Who is this tool for?

RightData is meant for QA teams, IT Teams and Business Analysts. Please check relevancy matrix in “Advanced” section of FAQs

How to access RightData once it is installed?

All the software installation happens on the server side. There is no software installation required on the end users’ machines. As it is a web based tool, it can simply be accessed via an URL.

What browsers does RightData support?

It is tested on most of the familiar browsers. For ex: Internet Explorer, Chrome Browser, Safari and FireFox etc… But, it is not limited to these browsers.

How long it takes to bring RightData into working mode once licenses are purchased?

Once all the logistics, access and all the software and hardware prerequisites are taken care of, it won’t take more than a day to bring RightData tool into full functionality.

How difficult is it to use the tool? Does RightData, Inc offer any training on how to use the tool?
  • It is very intuitive, self-explanatory and easy to use tool.
  • RightData, Inc does offer initial training. Two 3hour sessions are more than sufficient to become familiar with the tool.
  • Also offers training tutorial documents and how-to-do videos.
Explain how RightData is self-service Data Certification Tool?
  • No coding necessary
  • Easy to use, minimal learning curve
  • Web-based drag and drop design


What kind of analytical reports and dashboards are available?

“Reporting” is one of the key components of RightData. The health dashboard gives a quick glance on summary of Data These dashboards/reports are classified as Data Quality Dimensions and Data Quality Metrics.

Data Quality Dimensions:

This dashboard gives information about Data Quality Dimensions, which include -

  • Accuracy,
  • Completeness,
  • Conformity,
  • Consistency,
  • Integrity,
  • Timeliness,
  • Uniqueness.

Data Quality Metrics:

Data Quality Metrics dashboard includes –

  • Scenario Pass/Fail Analysis,
  • Datapoints Analysis,
  • Scenario Pass/Fail Analysis,
  • FDR Scenario percentage exceptions by data points,
  • Validation scenario percentage exceptions by datapoints.


What kind of security is implemented?

Role based security architecture

Inherits source system security settings based on the connection configuration

Data encryption during transfer

Is the data moving outside the network?

Absolutely, No. Data stays within the client’s network. No data movement happens outside the network. In case, if the IT infrastructure is on cloud, the data never leaves the client’s private cloud.

What are all the hosting methods the tool supports?

RightData can be installed within the client’s On-Premise network or on the client’s private cloud and also supports hybrid environments.

Does the tool support Agile Scrum Methodologies?

Absolutely, yes. RightData has tight integrations into any of the DevOps supporting technologies, like Jenkins, Jira, Xray, HPQC, HPALM etc…. Please see the list here for all supported data sources for CICD. You can click here to understand how RightData can help CICD by having integrations into various DevOps tools.

What are the Key Use Cases of RightData?
  • What are the Key Use Cases of RightData?
    • Data Lake, Big Data Analytics Implementation

      EDW and ETL initiatives

      Application Data Integration

      SAP Analytics

      Data Driven projects using CICD approach.

      Ongoing production data quality control

  • EDW/Data analytics/Data Archival integrity validation
  • Cloud migration validation
  • SAP S/4HANA, BW, BPC, RDBMSs upgrade validation
  • Re-platform legacy applications aka Modernization and sunsetting legacy applications

What is the RightData’s relevancy matrix based on the Target Users Vs Use Cases?


What are all the available licensing models?

We offer very flexible licensing models and we can work with you closely to come up with a model that can fit the best to your organization.

Better pricing is available for bulk licenses.

Subscription: This type of licensing model is good fit for the customers who want to use RightData for less than 3 years or plan to use OPEX budget. The licenses are available for 12 month term along with options to renew, support, bug fixes, support packs and releases are included.

Perpetual: This type of licensing model is good fit for the customers who are looking for long-term (3+ years) usage of RightData or plan to use their CAPEX budget.

User Type: All the licenses are Named User Licenses.


Does RightData, Inc offer any consulting services?

Yes. Though, Our main focus is Product Development, We can still help in configuring Day1 scenarios that matters the most to the business leads, so that,they can start seeing the exceptions or anomalies, if they exist, right from the Day 1.

Whom to contact for any issues with RightData?

we are available at contact@getrightdata.com