Product Overview

Product Overview

RightData is an intuitive, flexible, efficient and scalable data testing, reconciliation, validation suite that allows stakeholders in identifying issues related to data consistency, quality, completeness, and gaps. It empowers users to analyze, design, build, execute and automate reconciliation and Validation scenarios with no programming.

It helps highlighting the data issues in production thereby preventing compliance, credibility damages and minimize the financial risk to your organization.

RightData is targeted to improve your organization's data quality, consistency reliability, completeness. It also allows to accelerate the test cycles thereby reducing the cost of delivery by enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

It allows to automate the internal data audit process and help improve coverage thereby increasing the confidence factor of audit readiness of your organization.

RightData designed to fulfill the vision of Chief Data Office to attain insight into the health of your data throughout your organization. It allows improve the confidence on the data health, quality and consistency thereby improving your organization's data maturity level.