RDt key Feature
Reporting & Collaboration
Providing visibility into data testing results with an effective, flexible reporting mechanism and collaboration platform is very critical for the success of data-driven projects. Use Reporting Studio to get data testing insights with metrics like "Total Number of Data Test Scenarios Executed with Pass/Fail ratio" with an ability to drill down into the exceptions etc.
Ability to slice and dice by scenario execution date, filter by the Release, Project and Module, filter by scenario owner etc.
Reporting Studio provides an ability to group the scenario sessions (each instance of execution is a "session") by parent-child relationship or by its folder structure.
Use Reporting studio to get access history data test result summary and details with an ability to drill down into exceptions.
Collaborate with rest of organization on data test findings, data test results with the ability to export the scenario dataset to excel, pdf files and share the exceptions data via email.