RightData is a self-service suite of applications that helps you achieve Data Quality Assurance, Data Integrity Audit and Continuous Data Quality Control with automated validation and reconciliation capabilities.

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Key Challenges Faced By Chief Data Officers

RightData Product Key Capabilities Overview

Key Business Challenges

Trust on Data and Data Certification are ever growing concerns for any business. RightData has several intuitive solutions, which can boost the confidence of the business stakeholders on the quality, integrity and reliability of the data.

RightData can

  • Connect, explore and discover any dataset
  • Design data validation and reconcilation scenarios
  • Categorize, Classify and Report thereby gain insight on data quality metrics.
Lack of Comprehensive Data Quality Solution

Unavailability of solutions supporting all data quality functions

RightData's data validation rule engine helps in improving the quality of metadata, master data and transactional data.

Poor Data Quality

Leads to credibility risk and risk of slower adaptation of data-driven-solutions

Our intuitive data quality tools provide self-service data validation and reconciliation abilities to simplify the data integrity audit process.

Complex Audit Processes

Complexity, tedious and manual effort involved in data integrity audit process

Our scalable, Hadoop Powered, data agnostic architecture can efficiently handle data quality needs of business from small enterprise to large conglomerate.

Volume, Variety and Velocity

Traditional data quality tools and approaches are incapable in handling diverse data sources, high volumes of data in a fast paced digital enterprise

Inability to identify the anomalies on-time, effects the decision making capabilities of business. Rightdata's Data Health Dashboard gives you very high level visibility of performance KPIs and at the same time, it's drill down capability can take you to the lowest grain level, where you can pinpoint the data inaccuracies.

Lack Of Transparency

Lack Of processes to provide the "Pulse" on the data.

Manual effort of creating test cases is a very time consuming process, especially in agile methodology where multiple scrums are deployed in each quarter. Using RightData's toolset, scenarios/test cases can be built at much faster pace and can also be rerun repeatedly via batch scheduling process

Slower Return On Investment

Slow data evaluation process = slower ROI

Our Solutions

RightData's solutions address all the above Key Business Challenges and more

ETL TestingProduction Data Monitoring


Data Migration TestingDatabase Upgrade Testing

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Automate your Data Testing for SAP NW Upgrade

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