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About RightData

Rightdata is a data focused product company. Our self-service products simplify the complex data operations like data ingestion, unifying, structuring, cleansing, validating, transforming and load your data into target data platforms. We empower you to gain insights into your data using reporting, analytics, advanced analytics and machine learning modeling capabilities.

Our Products

Dextrus is a purpose-built cloud powered self-service solution, for all data practitioners. Only no-code high performance solution that is “complete and comprehensive” - helps in building, deploying and managing the assets for data ingestion, streaming, cleansing, transforming, analyzing, wrangling and machine learning modeling.
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RightData tool is a no-code data testing, reconciliation and validation suite. We empower Data testing, data governance and data steward teams with data quality assurance and quality control audit automation capabilities.
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The combination of Dextrus and RDt products fulfills the entire DataOps initiative

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