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Dextrus is a unified data platform that provides self-service data ingestion,streaming, preparation, and wrangling capabilities coupled with a scalable Data warehouse platform to support customers' business analytics and advanced analytics needs.
Push-down enabled transformation nodes transfer the transformation logic down to the target database to gain the best performance. Layered architecture in the data warehouse enriches the data by applying complex business rules.

What Is Data Warehousing?
A data warehouse (DW) is a centralized data repository. Information and databases are stored in a data warehouse for analysis and reporting purposes. Once data enters a data warehouse, it's transformed and processed to make analysis accessible.

Information comes from various data sources and gets integrated within a data warehouse. Data can land in warehousing platform from internal applications, external systems and customer-facing applications. With all the data that is collected and transformed, and stored in a single location is ready for the stake holders for executing their analytics and for all the data mining operations to gain a comprehensive picture of data across an organization. This way raw data becomes an information asset for leadership team to get better insight on the data to take better decisions.
Types of Data Warehousing
There are three main types of data warehousing:
  • Enterprise data warehousing (EDW): This centralized warehouse is a support structure across an enterprise. EDWs often contain databases from across departments and processes to give business leaders a comprehensive view of enterprise performance and allow for classification by subject.
  • Operational data store (ODS): An ODS is a complementary element to an EDW. Operational data stores act as data sources for an EDW and are designed for operational reporting. These data warehouse tools refresh in real time, making the ODS a common solution for routine activities like storing employee records.
  • Data mart: Data marts are subsets of data warehouses, and they often focus on a specific team or line of business, like sales. As a subject-oriented solution, users can access focused data more efficiently and make critical insights for decisions within the team.
Why You Need Enterprise Data Warehousing
Enterprise data warehousing is the easiest way to store and analyze large quantities of data. Without centralized access to data, various business departments operate in data silos that require individual analysis. Often, this process leads to errors and biases that can skew an overall picture of an enterprise.

EDWs are storage solutions that support accurate and repeatable reporting within each department and across the operation. Through EDWs, enterprises can:
  • Ensure accurate collaboration across departments
  • Consolidate and standardize data
  • Access data immediately
Beyond these main benefits, data warehouse tools also empower team members who aren't as technical as those in other departments. With data available in one location, all team members can gain valuable insights about the organization.
Why Choose Dextrus for Data warehousing?
Dextrus strives to simplify data migration and management with data warehousing tools and is a unified data platform with all the necessary data engineering capacity to build scalable data warehouses, and ensures efficiency, safety and stability as you move your information assets.
  • Dextrus uses Deltalake for data warehousing solutions.
  • Using Push-down transformation feature, Dextrus stands-out in achieving huge performance and high thru-put on processing even high volumes off data.
  • Integrations and transformation of data is handled thru the Bronze, Silver and Gold layers of Deltalake using.
  • ETL capabilities of Dextrus allows IT organizations to feed the data to the downstream 3rd party systems, external reporting and to other analytic solutions like Tableau, PowerBI etc…
  • By using Deltalake as data warehousing option, saves huge bucks for the companies, as all the transformation and loading of data happens within Deltalake.
  • Choosing the cold, warm and hot data approach, the latest hot data can be transferred to cloud databases and the cold and warm data can stay within Deltalake of Dextrus.
This way, Dextrus offers comprehensive data warehousing solutions that help you make the most out of your data. Our solutions are designed to help you organize your data, make it easy to access and analyze, and deliver insights that can help you grow your business..
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