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The first step in re-platforming the databases as part of data engineering initiative is Data Migration. This one-time migration of data from legacy platforms to modern cloud databases like AWS Redshift, Google Big Query, various Azure databases and Snowflake cloud database is achieved by using several embedded Dextrus connectors. Dextrus can migrate data at individual Table level, Schema level or database level by simple configuration steps. There is no need of executing DDL scripts on the target databases for creating target table schemas before migrating the data.

May it be a database version upgrade effort or on-premise to cloud database migration effort or may it be a business process migration because of business optimization, reorganization and mergers and acquisitions, the following are the key points for a successful data migration project.
Following are the key points for a successful data migration project.
  • Ability to connect to all the data points
  • Ability to get insight on the data
  • Ability to profile the data
  • Ability to pre-prepare the data for the successful and efficient data migration
  • Ability to validate and reconcile the data between source and target databases after the migration is complete.
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Big Bang Data Migration Approach
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It is quicker and less complex and economical. Depending on the data volumes to be migrated, this approach can be chosen. All the data is moved from legacy environments to modern data platforms in one single operation. The systems won’t be available and users are not expected to use the system during this approach till the migration is completed. This approach is more suitable for companies with smaller data volumes. The caveat with this approach is it can not be adopted for organizations where the downtime of the systems is not an option.
Phased Data Migration Approach
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This approach splits the migration process into sub-processes based on the functional areas so that data is migrated in a phased manner. The advantage is old systems can remain functional and operational while the migration happens in parallel.No downtime is necessary. Though this process is more complex, but best suits the organizations with huge data volumes where system downtime is not an option.While both legacy and modern data platforms are running in parallel, quality control processes can make sure the data is successfully migrated before certain functional area is turned off in the legacy platform.
Dextrus an off-the-shelf data integration tool, while having all these capabilities, it also can cleanse the data to improve the data quality before the migration of data happens. In fact, this is a good opportunity for data engineers to address the old problems with the data quality before the migration, so that the new platform will have quality data.

Another important aspect of data migration initiative is the “type of approach”. It can be Big Bang Data Migration Approach or Phased Data Migration Approach. Though the process remains the same, adopting better approach depends upon some factors.
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