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BI/Report Testing

The best business decisions are made out of the best information available.

Complex business rules are applied to raw data which is acquired from various different sources. This information is delivered in the form of dashboards and is available for the business executives to make right decisions. So, it is significantly important to make sure these numbers that are published, are accurate. IT / QA teams should be in a good position to answer the business teams’ BIG Question, which is “Are these reports reflecting the numbers correctly?” If so, or if not so, how can we make sure we are looking at the right data to take right decisions?

bi reporting testing
Manual Approach:
The traditional manual approach of BI/Report testing has several flaws and it takes lot of time in identifying and fixing the issue. The numbers in the dashboard are rolled up at a very high level from the lowest granularity of raw data. And this raw data is transformed at each and every hop on its journey to the dashboards. So, taking a number from the dashboard at a very high level of granularity reconciling against raw data from the database table at the lowest granular level is a very complex and tedious process.
Automated Approach:
RightData has all the capability to connect to any of the analytical tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, SAP Bex Analyser, SAP Business Objects reports, Cognos Analytics etc… and can test/validate/reconcile the published data against the source data at any phase of its ETL process. Basically, RightData can read the data behind the graphs and can use that data to compare against the source data using it’s proprietary “Scenario Builder”. These scenarios can be automated via built-in batch scheduler and the exceptions or anomalies can be informed to the target audience automatically. This capability alerts/helps IT teams in identifying the root cause of the issues, before business analysts submit high priority incidents.
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