ETL Testing

ETL Testing / Data Warehouse Testing / Production Data Monitoring

“ETL Testing” as part of Data Quality Assurance processes in non-production environment and “Production Data Monitoring” as part of on-going Data Quality Control processes in production environment – may sound like two different solutions, but technically both are more of same. The goal is to test the data flow, validate and reconcile the data at each and every hop on its way from the source systems till it reaches the digital dashboards.

Extract-Transform-load (ETL) is a vital IT function in any organization as it deals with one of the most valuable asset - "Data".

ETL processes are used for populating data into the data warehouse from one or more source systems in addition to moving between data sources, applications and systems. Hence, there is a great need for testing the ETL processes to ensure that they work correctly before they get deployed into productive use.

Verification, validation and certification of the ETL development are pre-requisites to meeting the data integration requirements. It is also important to establish automated data control processes to ensure data validity, integrity and reliability on a continuous basis in productive operation.

RightData provides an automated independent ETL testing capability, it helps IT in improving the success of ELT projects and helps business and stakeholders in reducing the total cost of delivery, deployment, and ownership of data-driven applications.